"EXCALIBUr 111" is a Blythe 33 Catamaran, which is  a purpose built charter vessel offering a large fishing or working area of over 400 sq. ft.

Clients also have the benefit of a large under cover shelter offering seating for 12 people in comfort should the weather turn unpleasant.

Our boat is powered by 2 x Perkins Sabre turbo diesel engines each pumping out 215HP which give us a comfortable cruising of 20 knots. Two engines give us added security should one suffer a malfunction and we can always make port under our own power.

Being a catamaran designed hull she is vastly more comfortable than conventional boats, with a beam of nearly 17 feet and fishing space down either side of 27 feet, which offers unrivalled stability and space. This is great when drift fishing as it reduces possible tangles.

She is fully licenced and insured for twelve anglers + two crew and carries both the full MCA Yellow Code of Practice to operate 60 miles from a safe haven, and also has the added benefit of Brown Code of Practice  for Workboats, which allows it to operate for other commercial duties that include carrying light cargo.




For electronics we has the very latest instruments which includes three independent DGPS navigation systems, a computerised plotting system, a large screen radar, two large screen colour fish finders and three V.H.F. radios for added security.

As the vessel operates under the M.C.A Code of Practice it carries two liferafts, lifejackets for all the persons on board, two sea survival rings with attached lighted sea floats and throwing lines. A statutory M.C.A first aid kit is also carried.

Our vessel carries a full Marine Insurance policy for bodily injury or accident to passengers on board, and is covered for a minimum of 2,000,000 in respect of any one incident.

A toilet is provided for the ladies.

Free tea and coffee is supplied as required. 

Under our MCA Licence requirement our vessel is inspected on regular intervals. To ensure our vessel is kept in tip top condition it is removed from the water at intervals to carry out hull maintenance etc.




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